Research Statement

QUALIblood aims at providing the scientific society with high quality and innovative testing. For example, the ETP-based APC resistance was first validated by QUALIblood in 2019.

Opposite to many other coagulation tests, the ETP-based APC resistance has the ability to provide information on the thrombogenicity induced by physiological, iatrogenic or environmental factors. QUALIblood is working hard with IVD manufacturers to make this test available in hospitals. This test could potentially be used to help the practitioners in choosing the more appropriate contraception or hormone replacement therapies in young women or in women with menopausal symptoms.

QUALIblood is also developing the DP-Filter(r), an IVD medical device able to remove a class of drugs named “direct oral anticoagulants” or “DOACs” from plasma samples of patients treated with these drugs. This will help hemostasis laboratories in avoiding multiple interferences due to these compounds.

Hormone-induced coagulopathy

Validation and standardization of the ETP-based APC resistance assay

Q2 2019

Validation completed according to regulatory requirements.

Harmonization of the scale and proposal for a new unit

Q1 2020

Results completed. Publication accepted in the Journal of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, the official journal of the International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis

Inter-laboratory variability of the ETP-based APC resistance

Q2&Q3 2020

Study protocol ongoing. Collaborating centers identified.

A medical device to remove the direct oral anticoagulants from a plasma sample

Development of the DP-Filter®

Q2 2020

Results completed. Publication ongoing.

Distribution of the DP-Filter®


Supply agreement with 5-Diagnostics.