We assist our clients from drug candidate selection, through non-clinical and clinical studies, to marketing authorization by using our state-of-the-art and product-dedicated expertise in blood analysis.

We aim at sharing with our customer our expertise in research achievement and protocol design in order to reach their objectives


QUALIblood© is multidisciplinary and composed of pharmacists, biologists and researchers. 

Our team has expertise in thrombosis, heamostasis, pharmacology, toxicology, biomakers, biochemistry and clinical research.

Our team is supported by several clinicians which extend our vision of our work to the clinical practice. 


Assistance in product development:

  • Defined analytic protocol

  • Testing realization (standard or specific)

  • Results interpretation and research report writing

  • Assistance for regulatory affairs documents drafting.

Analytical services for blood investigations and hemocompatibility testing

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